Airbus Meets First Quarter Target, Falls Short of Internal Goals

Airbus delivered 142 commercial airplanes in the first quarter of 2024, marking a 12% increase compared to the same period last year. This represents a return to pre-2023 levels and fulfills Airbus' publicly stated goals. However, industry sources report that the company fell short of its internal targets by about six aircraft. This news comes with mixed signals for the European planemaker. On the positive side, the first quarter performance indicates a recovery from a slow start in 2023. 


Deliveries are back on track, and Airbus remains the dominant player in the narrow-body jet market, particularly after production limitations were placed on Boeing's competing 737 models. However, missing internal targets suggests lingering challenges. Shortages of certain parts, like seats for wide-body jets, and delays in the A321 deliveries are cited as contributing factors. These issues could potentially hinder Airbus' ability to meet its ambitious goal of 800 deliveries for the entire year of 2024.


Airbus is scheduled to provide an official update on deliveries on April 9th. This will likely shed more light on the reasons behind the shortfall and the company's plans to address them. Investors and industry analysts will be closely watching for any revisions to the 2024 delivery target and how Airbus plans to navigate potential supply chain bottlenecks.

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While the first quarter results are a cause for cautious optimism, Airbus faces an uphill battle to achieve its yearly goals. The company's ability to overcome production hurdles and secure a steady supply of parts will be critical in determining its overall success in 2024.

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