Boeing, Airbus Eye Spirit AeroSystems Split

Boeing and Airbus, the two aviation giants, are reportedly exploring a framework to divide the operations of Spirit AeroSystems, a major aircraft parts supplier. This move is part of a broader industry consolidation trend, as companies seek to streamline their supply chains and reduce costs. According to sources familiar with the matter, Boeing is eyeing Spirit's commercial aircraft operations, which include the production of fuselages and other structural components for the Boeing 737 and 767 aircraft. 


Airbus, on the other hand, is interested in Spirit's defense-related businesses, which manufacture components for military aircraft such as the F-35 fighter jet. If the deal materializes, it would mark a significant shift in the aerospace supply chain landscape. Spirit AeroSystems is one of the largest suppliers of aircraft parts in the world, with operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  The company has long been a key partner for both Boeing and Airbus, but the proposed division of its operations would create a clearer delineation between the two aircraft manufacturers.


Analysts say the move would allow Boeing and Airbus to focus on their core competencies and reduce their reliance on a single supplier. It would also give Spirit the opportunity to specialize in specific areas of aircraft production and potentially improve its efficiency. However, the deal is still in its early stages and faces a number of challenges. One key hurdle is obtaining regulatory approval from antitrust authorities in the United States and Europe. Both Boeing and Airbus are major players in the commercial aircraft market, and regulators will need to ensure that the deal does not lead to a reduction in competition.

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Another potential obstacle is the valuation of Spirit AeroSystems' operations. Spirit is a publicly traded company with a market capitalization of around $4 billion. Boeing and Airbus will need to agree on a fair price for the portions of the business they are acquiring. Despite the challenges, there are also several factors that could drive the deal forward. Both Boeing and Airbus are facing pressure to reduce their costs amid the ongoing pandemic and the rise of low-cost carriers. Dividing Spirit's operations could give both companies a way to streamline their supply chains and improve their bottom lines. Additionally, Spirit AeroSystems is itself interested in exploring strategic alternatives. The company has been under financial strain in recent months, and a deal with Boeing and Airbus could provide it with a much-needed cash infusion. Overall, the proposed division of Spirit AeroSystems' operations is a significant development in the aerospace industry. If the deal goes through, it would reshape the supply chain landscape and create a clearer competitive landscape between Boeing and Airbus.

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