Exclusive: Selangor Aviation Show First Look

Image: Selangor Aviation Show website

For the first time in Malaysia, the state of Selangor hosts an aviation show. Selangor Aviation Show 2021 (SAS2021), is a dedicated business and general aviation expo. 

SAS2021 was hosted by the government of the state of Selangor (20 Kilometers/12 miles from Kuala Lumpur), and organized by "Invest Selangor". The show was held for three days from 25th to 27th of November, 2021. The show took place in two hangers at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, also know as Subang Airport (SZB - WMSA). The first hanger was set as venue for sessions about aviation topics, such as "Aerospace Technology Development in Malaysia".

Airbus Malaysia's Head of Country, Mr. Rimond Lim, gave an enlightening session about "Sustainability and Supply Chain" 

Image: Aero News Journal

There was a number of other sessions during the course of the show to discuss various topics about aviation technologies in Malaysia and world. On third day, there was an education open day program, were younger generation of Malaysians got the chance to know more about the educational opportunities in the field of aviation.

The second hanger was as venue for the exhibitors. 39 local and international companies, training centers and Malaysian aviation organizations participated in the exhibition. 

Image: Aero News Journal

The Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer, made a strong appearance at the show by introducing E195-E2 that charmed the eyes of the attendees with a beautiful livery. The airliner E195-E2 led the positive cash flow to Embraer in the third quarter of 2021 as three aircraft were delivered. 

Image: Aero News Journal

Among the aircraft that attracted the eye, was the Turkish helicopter "Gukbey - T625", which is 100% designed in Turkey. 

Image: Aero News Journal

Large number of crowd got curious about the Italian private jet Piaggio Avanti Evo, as the design was unusual. The Italian luxurious private jet was equipped with twin turboprop engines with the blades at the back of the engines instead of front like any other turboprop. 

Image: Aero News Show

The aviation show also witnessed the introduction of the Czech L410NG. L410NG is a twin-turboprop multi purpose aircraft, which offers significantly improve flight parameters and operational characteristics. 

The Selangor Aviation Show 2021, was a major attraction for Malaysians on the last day, which was on Saturday. It was so clear how people were interested in attending the show. It was crowded from the early morning that a parking spot was hard to find. Many of the young generations were keen to attend to know more about careers in aviation. 

I was told by Mr. Farid Mohd Ba'al, Senior Manager at "Invest Selangor", that Selangor Aviation Show will be held on a yearly bases as approved by His Excellency, Mr. Amirudin Shari, Selangor Menteri Besar (First Minister). 

With Mr. Farid Mohd Ba'al, Invest Selangor

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