Selangor Aviation Show timely as the world takes flight again

THE recent Selangor Aviation Show (SAS) 2022 brought together players in the global aerospace and aviation sectors – offering them a platform to network, dialogue and share knowledge and offerings to revitalise the industry.

Organised by Invest Selangor, SAS 2022 was a timely event considering global borders are gradually reopening.

For the second year running, Embraer – a global aerospace company headquartered in São Paulo with businesses in commercial and executive aviation, defence and security, and agricultural aviation – has shown support for this event by its participation.

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‘SAS is a platform to combine expertise among industry players as well as to connect and build close relationships with potential partners,’ says Dos Santos.

Founded in 1969, Embraer which marked its 53rd year in the aerospace industry last month designs, develops, manufactures and markets aircraft and systems, as well as provides after-sales customer support and services.

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In conjunction with SAS 2022, Embraer released its Malaysia report, which shows how regional jets can enable the opening of over 100 new routes within Malaysia and the region.

“From what we have observed, after the pandemic there is more domestic and regional traffic supporting the reopening of borders. We see more regional travel now,” said Embraer Commercial Aviation Asia Pacific sales director Victor Vieira Dos Santos.

In response to this, Embraer has identified the need for 150 new regional aircraft of under 150 seats over the next 20 years in Malaysia to complement larger aircraft flights in the country.

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This would enhance the viability of establishing new routes or increasing the frequency of existing routes, including boosting direct connectivity within Peninsular Malaysia, as well as connectivity between cities in the peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak, according to Dos Santos.

“We build smaller, or as we refer to it, right-sized aircraft that offers the flexibility of adjusting seat capacity according to fluctuations in the market. What the pandemic taught us is the importance of operations efficiency towards sustainable growth of the company.

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“Our aircraft allows for a flexible fleet, whereby you can adjust the capacity accordingly. What we offer is a true regional jet, in contrast with the larger aircraft that most other companies produce.

“Our jets are lighter and designed to offer more efficiency for airlines. They also require less maintenance in comparison with a larger aircraft,” he said.

When it comes to sustainability and green technology, Embraer aims to achieve carbon neutral growth from 2022 and be totally carbon neutral by 2040.


Among the company’s green technology projects is the low emissions eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle) developed by Embraer’s spin-off company Eve. This eVTOL is poised to enter into service by 2026 – offering people more options to choose how they want to fly, especially on the “last mile” of the journey.

Last November, Embraer unveiled the Energia fleet which comprises four concept aircraft of varying sizes that incorporate different propulsion technologies – hybrid-electric, electric, hydrogen fuel cell and dual fuel gas turbine.

With such innovations, Embraer is set to take the future of aviation towards a greener, more sustainable direction.


On Embraer’s plans for Malaysia, Dos Santos said: “In line with the Malaysian government’s vision to establish Malaysia as an aviation hub in South-East Asia, we want to grow in Malaysia and establish improved and wider-ranging customer service and support.

“We would like to make Malaysia part of our supply chain and are optimistic about expanding our operations here.

“Events such as SAS present a great opportunity to meet people and companies in the industry and to showcase our products and services. It is also a platform to combine expertise among industry players as well as to connect and build close relationships with potential partners.”

Source: The Star

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