German Cabin Crew Union UFO Requests 15% Salary Increase for Lufthansa Staff

The German cabin crew union UFO has requested a 15% salary increase for about 19,000 flight attendants of Lufthansa. This request was made as the union initiated pay talks with Lufthansa. The union believes that the proposed pay hike is justified given the extraordinary recovery of air travel and the record revenues of the company. The aviation industry has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the gradual reopening of borders and lifting of travel restrictions, air travel has seen a remarkable recovery.


In addition to the wage increase, the UFO is asking for a lump sum of 3,000 euros (approximately $3,211.80) to compensate for inflation. They are also requesting an education grant of 500 euros and an increase in several add-ons. The two parties met on Wednesday to negotiate a new pay contract, which UFO wants to run for 18 months. Strikes are not allowed until after the current contract ends on December 31.


This move by the UFO union highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the aviation industry in balancing the needs of its employees with the financial constraints imposed by the global pandemic. It also underscores the importance of unions in advocating for the rights and welfare of workers.


The outcome of these negotiations will be closely watched by other airlines and their staff, as it could set a precedent for similar discussions in the future. As the aviation industry continues to navigate the post-pandemic landscape, the focus on employee welfare and fair compensation will remain a critical issue.

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