Qantas Apologizes To Regulator After Ticket Sale For Canceled Flights

Qantas, an Australian airline, has apologized for not meeting expected service standards and acknowledged the negative impact on its reputation after being sued by the country's competition regulator. 


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recently filed a lawsuit alleging that Qantas violated consumer law by selling tickets for over 8,000 flights between May and July 2022 without disclosing that the flights had been canceled. 


The ACCC claimed that Qantas continued to sell tickets for an average of 16 days after canceling flights, often for reasons within its control. In response to the allegations, Qantas stated that it is reviewing the matter and emphasized that the period in question was a time of industry upheaval and uncertainty. The airline clarified that its policy is to offer customers an alternative flight or refund when a flight is canceled. 

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Qantas has faced customer complaints about flight cancellations and lost luggage, largely due to staffing shortages, since the reopening of Australia's borders in late 2021. The airline acknowledged that the ACCC's allegations come at a challenging time when its reputation has already been negatively impacted. Qantas expressed its understanding of customers' disappointment and dissatisfaction in a statement.

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