Ryanair sets a traffic record for the third consecutive month in July

In July, Ryanair reported a new record of passengers flown for the third consecutive month. The airline carried 18.7 million passengers, which is typically one of their most profitable periods. This was an 11% increase from the previous year, during which the travel industry was beginning to recover from the pandemic. 


The previous record of 17.4 million passengers was set in June. The average flight occupancy rate in June was 96%, which was the same as the previous year. Ryanair, the largest European airline in terms of passengers, predicts a 9% growth in traffic for the financial year up to March 2024, with approximately 183.5 million passengers expected. 

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The airline recently revised its forecast from 185 million due to Boeing plane delivery delays and air traffic control strikes, which resulted in over 800 flight cancellations last month.

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