Airbus reveals May 2023 deliveries, it went up 34%.

Confirming last week's reports, Airbus delivered 63 units in May 2023, with an increase of 34% from the same month in 2022. This shows that Airbus already delivered 244 aircraft since the beginning of 2023. The European planmaker revealed May 2023 results yesterday, Wednesday.

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It received no new net orders amid the typical slowdown preceding the upcoming Paris Airshow. According to the company's monthly data sheet, it reconfigured orders for 17 planes, including 16 deleted off the list of outstanding orders for India's Go First, only days before the airline filed for bankruptcy last month.


The Indian carrier, Go First, argued that Airbus aircraft powered by Pratt and Whitney engines caused severe damage to its fleet due to a lack and delays in delivery of the much-needed spare parts to maintain the fleet, which eventually caused flight cancellations. Pratt and Whitney replied to Go First allegations, stating that the airline is trying to cover financial flaws.

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