Engine Mount Issues Prompt FAA Inspections for Gulfstream G500 and G600

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a new airworthiness directive (AD) requiring inspections for certain Gulfstream Aerospace G500 and G600 airplanes. This action stems from a concerning incident involving a partially detached engine mount discovered during a routine pre-flight check. The incident, which occurred in late January 2024 on a G600, revealed a misaligned rear engine mount. Further investigation identified a missing secondary locking device (cotter pin) that should have secured the engine mount fastener. This lapse resulted in the retaining nut separating from the bolt, raising serious safety concerns.


To address this potential risk, the FAA's AD mandates inspections of the engine mount points within the pylons and engine nacelles (coverings) of affected G500 and G600 aircraft. The goal is to identify any non-conforming hardware installations that could lead to similar failures.

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The directive applies to a specific range of G500 and G600 serial numbers, and Gulfstream has already informed operators of the affected airplanes. The FAA emphasizes the importance of complying with the AD to ensure the continued safe operation of these jets.

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This incident highlights the critical role of thorough pre-flight inspections in catching potential problems before they escalate into serious in-flight malfunctions. The FAA's swift issuance of an AD demonstrates its commitment to proactively addressing safety concerns in the aviation industry.

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