United Airlines in talks to acquire Airbus planes through leasing

According to a recent report by Bloomberg News, United Airlines is reportedly finalizing a deal to purchase approximately 36 or more Airbus A321neo airplanes from aircraft lessors. The airline has been actively looking for alternatives to Boeing's uncertified MAX 10 airplanes, which were originally supposed to be delivered this year and were expected to become the airline's fleet's mainstay. 


However, a mid-air emergency earlier this year, in January, on an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9, has raised new doubts about the airplane's certification, leading United to consider other options. It's worth noting that United had previously placed an order for 277 MAX 10 airplanes with an additional option for another 200.

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To replace its MAX 10 order, United had approached Airbus about the possibility of purchasing A321neo airplanes as potential substitutes. However, the airplane manufacturer's order book is already full until 2030, indicating a high demand for the airplane. 

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Despite this, United CEO Scott Kirby stated on Tuesday that the airline is still interested in purchasing A321 airplanes, but it would not be willing to pay more than necessary for them. It is important to note that United Airlines has yet to comment on the Bloomberg report. However, if the deal goes through, it could be a significant boost for Airbus, which has been struggling to keep pace with the demand for its aircraft in recent years.

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