Successful Wing Docking for MS-21 Aircraft at Irkutsk Aviation Plant

The Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAZ) has successfully finished the attachment of the MS-21 wing console for the MS-21 series passenger aircraft. The composite wing of the MS-21 sets the Russian aircraft apart from its competitors, models A and B, in terms of aerodynamic properties. The primary structural components of the MS-21 wing console are fabricated from polymer composite materials at the Ulyanovsk AeroComposite facility.


The assembly procedure includes incoming and technical inspections and a customer presentation before the wing is moved to workshop No. 249 for attachment to the center section. A set of domestic drills was employed to guarantee the precision and quality of the holes drilled in the wing structure. Following alignment and initial verification, the console is placed on a dedicated station for final fitting and sealing.


The wing console docking is a crucial phase in aircraft assembly as the safety of the flight hinges on its quality. The aircraft is subsequently moved to the installation and testing facility, where systems and components are fitted in the final assembly shop, and the aircraft is readied for flight trials.


On December 2, 2023, the AeroComposite Joint Stock Company marked its fifteenth anniversary, with the plant executing an investment project capable of producing 36 aircraft kits annually. In 2024, production versions of the Russian robotic complex will be installed and commissioned at the Ulyanovsk manufacturing site of AeroComposite. At the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a minimum of five serial MC-21s are in various stages of readiness, awaiting engines and Russian equipment.

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