Delta Airlines Flight DL-181: A Tale of Engine Failure and Safe Landing

In a recent incident that underscores the importance of safety measures and quick thinking in aviation, a Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300, registered as N169DZ, experienced an engine failure mid-flight but managed to land safely, averting a potential disaster.


The Incident

The aircraft was performing flight DL-181, en route from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, to Tokyo Haneda, Japan. While cruising at Flight Level 360 (approximately 36,000 feet) over the Pacific Ocean, about 840 nautical miles east of Tokyo Narita, Japan, the left-hand engine failed and was subsequently shut down.


The Response

Following the engine failure, the aircraft descended to Flight Level 280 (approximately 28,000 feet) and continued its journey towards Japan. However, due to the closer proximity, the decision was made to divert the flight to Tokyo's Narita Airport instead of the original destination, Tokyo Haneda.

Passenger Account

A passenger on board reported hearing a gurgling sound before the left-hand engine stopped. The aircraft then made a left turn, followed by a right turn. The captain announced to the passengers that the left-hand engine had failed and that the aircraft was now operating on the right-hand engine only. He also informed them of the decision to divert to Narita Airport, which was closer.

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Safe Landing

Approximately two hours after the engine failure, the aircraft landed safely on runway 34L at Narita Airport. Upon landing, fire engines were positioned next to the left-hand engine as a precautionary measure. Maintenance engineers then opened the engine cover to inspect the damage.

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