In Attempt to Restore Trust, Boeing Opens 737 MAX Factory to The Type Operators

In a bid to restore trust and confidence among customers and regulators, Boeing has opened its factory doors to all 737 MAX operators. This move comes in the wake of the Alaska Airline 737 MAX 9 plug door blowout incident, which has raised concerns about Boeing's quality control checks.


The Incident and Its Aftermath

The incident involving the Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 has led to increased scrutiny of Boeing's quality control checks. In response to this, Stan Deal, the CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, outlined steps that will be taken to restore confidence. These steps include working with the five affected airlines to inspect their 737-9 fleets and ensure that "plug doors are installed per specification".

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FAA's Role

The Federal Administration Agency (FAA) has instructed Boeing to provide additional data from 40 plug door inspections on grounded MAX 9 aircraft. The FAA stated that it would approve Boeing’s inspection and maintenance instructions only when enough data is provided. These instructions will need to be carried out on every aircraft before it is returned to service.

Boeing's New Steps

Boeing has announced new steps to bolster its quality assurance. These include allowing 737 MAX operators to come into Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems factories for additional oversight inspections. Boeing will also carry out inspections throughout the build process at Boeing and Spirit to provide "one more layer of scrutiny on top of the thousands of inspections performed today across every 737 planes".

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Outside Party Review

In addition to these steps, Boeing will bring in an "outside party" to review its Quality Management System and suggest improvements. This move is seen as a significant step towards restoring trust and confidence in Boeing's quality control processes.


Boeing's decision to open its factory doors to all 737 MAX operators is a significant step towards restoring trust and confidence among customers and regulators. It underscores the company's commitment to improving its quality control checks and ensuring the safety of its aircraft. The move is expected to have far-reaching implications for the aviation industry and set a precedent for other aircraft manufacturers.

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