Fly CORALway: A Dream Grounded by Funding Challenges

Fly CORALway, a start-up airline that aimed to link the islands in the South Pacific region, has recently announced its decision not to launch its operations. The airline had an ambitious goal of operating between French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, Samoa, and Fiji. However, the company cited a lack of funding as the reason why the airline could not realize its dream. In a statement released on December 30, 2023, a representative for Fly CORALway expressed regret and announced the end of the aerial start-up project.


According to the statement, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the conditions for the airline launch were all set. However, changing dynamics had made the project "unfeasible". The airline had earlier been called Air Corail and WF Aviation and was granted an operating license in 2020. The French Polynesian-based airline had rescheduled its launch date multiple times before finally announcing that the project would no longer proceed.

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The statement also thanked everyone for their support during the last few months and hoped that informed investors would be able to facilitate the South Pacific region's aerial development to ease island exchanges and movements. Fly CORALway's goal was to provide reliable and convenient air transport services to the people and businesses of the South Pacific island region. However, it was unable to secure the necessary funding to launch its operations.

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The airline had planned to use a fleet of modern, fuel-efficient aircraft to connect the remote islands of the South Pacific and facilitate the movement of people, goods, and services. The airline's management team had worked tirelessly to bring the project to fruition, but the lack of funding meant that the project was no longer viable. In conclusion, Fly CORALway's announcement is a significant setback for the people and businesses of the South Pacific island region who were eagerly looking forward to the airline's launch. The company's management team hopes that informed investors will step in to help facilitate the region's aerial development and provide the much-needed air transport services.

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