Airbus Surpasses Delivery Target, Achieving Record-breaking Milestone in 2023

According to industry sources, Airbus has surpassed its target of delivering 720 airplanes in 2023 by delivering over 730 planes. The company has not yet commented on the data, but a full-year announcement of commercial aircraft data is expected on January 11. This achievement is significant as it reduces the pressure on the company to achieve its main industrial target at the end of the year. Several individuals familiar with the numbers have stated that Airbus has broken industry records for gross and net orders. This marks the second time since the pandemic that the world's largest planemaker has attempted to recapture the 720 mark for annual deliveries after supply pressures disrupted the attempt for 2022. 


To accomplish this record-breaking feat, Airbus requested enough parts from suppliers to cover 740 deliveries for 2023. Although there was a weak start to the year, analysts are increasingly confident that Airbus will meet its delivery targets in 2023. However, they predict that 2024 will be challenging due to material and part shortages that will hinder the production ramp-up.


In December, Jefferies analysts estimated that Airbus delivered 109 airplanes, an 11% increase from the same month last year, implying 732 deliveries for 2023. Bloomberg reported earlier, citing preliminary data from Aviation Flights Group, that Airbus had likely delivered 733 airplanes in 2023. 

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These figures indicate that over 50 planes were delivered in just over 10 days, following a Reuters report on December 19 that deliveries had already reached 680 planes. An official announcement from Airbus is still awaited, but the reported numbers show that the company has achieved an impressive milestone.

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