Delta Stands by Boeing, Eyes MAX 10 Despite Recent Hiccups

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian has expressed unwavering confidence in Boeing, even as the aerospace giant grapples with ongoing challenges surrounding the 737 MAX family of jets. This comes amidst the airline's significant order of 100 737 MAX 10s, the largest variant yet in the narrowbody family, set for delivery starting in 2025.


Bastian's stance arrives despite a recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9, where a door plug panel detached mid-flight. While the incident led to a temporary grounding, Bastian remains optimistic about Boeing's ability to learn and improve. He stated in an interview with CNBC, "I'm confident that we will continue to learn from these events. And Boeing will continue to provide Delta as well as our industry with a great product going forward."


Delta's confidence in Boeing stems from a long-standing partnership that has seen the airline operate a predominantly Boeing fleet. As of today, 53.4% of Delta's aircraft are Boeing-made, showcasing a deep-rooted trust in the manufacturer's capabilities. The 737 MAX 10 specifically holds promise for Delta, offering increased passenger capacity and fuel efficiency, factors crucial in navigating the competitive airline landscape. However, Bastian's optimism is not without caveats. He emphasized that safety remains paramount, stating, "We certainly will not take them [the 737-10 MAXs] until we have 1,000% confidence that that plane is fully secure, fully safe, and everyone has signed off to that." This unwavering commitment to safety aligns with Delta's longstanding reputation for prioritizing passenger well-being.

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The MAX family has faced a tumultuous history, with two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019 leading to a 20-month global grounding. While the aircraft has since returned to service, ongoing scrutiny surrounding manufacturing processes and potential technical issues continues. Boeing is actively addressing these concerns, working closely with regulators and airlines to ensure the MAX family's safe operation. Delta's decision to stand by Boeing and its order for the 737 MAX 10 signifies a significant vote of confidence in the manufacturer's ability to overcome past challenges and deliver a reliable, fuel-efficient aircraft. However, the path forward is not without its obstacles. Continued focus on safety, transparency, and addressing lingering concerns remain paramount for Boeing to regain full industry trust and ensure the success of the 737 MAX family, including Delta's highly anticipated MAX 10s.

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