Boeing’s Expansion and Enhanced Cooperation in China’s Aviation Market

On Friday, the deputy head of China's aviation regulator expressed to a Boeing executive in Beijing that the company is encouraged to expand its growth in the Chinese market. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) reported that Hu Zhenjiang, in a meeting with Mike Fleming, Boeing's senior vice president for development programs and customer support, welcomed Boeing to enhance its collaboration and dialogue with the regulator and China's aviation industry. 


This meeting occurred as China was reportedly contemplating the recommencement of purchases of Boeing's top-selling 737 Max aircraft for Chinese airlines, which had been suspended for over four years due to two fatal crashes. 

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Hu mentioned that China's civil aviation and Boeing have enjoyed 50 years of amicable collaboration and exchanges, establishing a tight-knit working relationship across various domains. He added that China's air transport market has vast potential for growth in the future, and the size of China's civil aviation fleet is expected to expand rapidly. 


According to the CAAC statement, Fleming assured Hu of Boeing's high regard for the Chinese market and maintained a positive outlook for the company's future growth. Fleming expressed Boeing's eagerness to actively enhance its cooperation with China, collaborate to advance the aviation industry, and persist in delivering superior products for the benefit of the people in China, the United States, and globally. Amid signs of easing tensions after months of strain, China and the U.S. have been advocating for a significant increase in flights between the two nations.

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