Boeing Is Close to Seal A Deal Of 80 Dreamliners to Thai Airways

Boeing, the American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, is reportedly on the verge of securing a significant deal with Thai Airways. The deal involves the sale of approximately 80 wide-body 787 Dreamliner jets, marking a major milestone in Boeing's expansion in the Asian market.


A Significant Leap for Boeing

This deal comes at a time when Boeing has been making strides in outpacing Airbus in the race for fleet renewal talks. The acquisition of the 787 Dreamliner jets by Thai Airways signifies a significant leap for Boeing in the aviation industry, particularly in the Asian market.

A History of Collaboration

Thai Airways and Boeing have a long-standing relationship, with the two companies having collaborated on various projects over the years. This new deal is seen as a continuation of their partnership, with both parties expressing optimism about the future.


A Boost for Thai Airways

For Thai Airways, the acquisition of the 787 Dreamliner jets is part of a broader strategy to modernize its fleet. The airline has been in talks to overhaul its fleet with a large order of widebody aircraft from Boeing and Airbus. The major deal could include up to nearly 100 aircraft comprising 80 twin-aisle planes and a dozen single-aisle jets through a lease agreement.

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Looking Ahead

As Thai Airways approaches the end of its restructuring journey next year, the stage is set for the monumental fleet expansion. The delivery countdown for the new aircraft is ticking, with expectations soaring for a takeoff in 2026. In conclusion, the impending deal between Boeing and Thai Airways for the purchase of 80 Dreamliner jets is a testament to the growing relationship between the two companies. It also underscores Boeing's commitment to expanding its footprint in the Asian market. As the aviation industry continues to recover from the pandemic, such deals are likely to become more common, signaling a robust recovery for the sector.

Endless Possibilities

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