Frontier Flight F91161 Diverts to Dallas Due to 'Possessed' Woman

In an unusual incident, Frontier Flight F91161 was forced to divert due to the disruptive behavior of a passenger. The woman, described by some as 'possessed', caused such a disturbance that the flight had to be rerouted for the safety and comfort of all on board. The woman said she was kidnapped. After the situation had temporarily cooled down, one woman stood up and said that the woman was "possessed" and began singing gospel music. The flight, which was originally traveling from Houston to Denver, had to make an unexpected stop at Dallas, Texas due to a disruptive passenger. The airport confirmed the unscheduled arrival in a statement, attributing it to the unruly passenger.


This incident is part of a concerning trend of increasing disruptions on flights. Since the start of 2022, there have been several instances of flights being turned around or diverted due to unruly passengers. These incidents have ranged from disputes over mask mandates to outright aggressive behavior, causing distress for both passengers and crew.

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In the case of Frontier Flight F91161, the disruptive passenger was reportedly subdued by fellow passengers. A video circulating online, which has yet to be verified, appears to show a man shouting as he is restrained by other passengers. The flight was able to resume its journey to Orlando after the incident, arriving at its destination later than scheduled. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by airlines and passengers alike in maintaining safety and order during flights.


Frontier Airlines, like many other airlines, is committed to ensuring the safety of its passengers and crew. Incidents like these underscore the importance of adhering to airline regulations and respecting the rights and comfort of fellow passengers.

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