Southwest Airlines’ Tentative Agreement with Flight Attendants’ Union

Southwest Airlines, a major U.S. airline, has announced a tentative agreement with the Transport Workers Union Local 556, which represents nearly 19,000 flight attendants. This significant development comes after almost a year in mediation.


Over the past two years, unions across various industries, including aerospace, construction, airline, and rail, have been advocating for higher wages and more benefits in a tight labor market. The Transport Workers Union Local 556 had filed for federal mediation in July 2022 to help with over three years of stalled contract negotiations.


The details of the agreement and the voting timeline will be communicated directly to its members by the union. This approach ensures that all flight attendants have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions before casting their votes. In August, Southwest Airlines reached a similar tentative labor agreement with the union representing about 17,120 transport workers who handle ramp operations, provisioning, and cargo. This pattern suggests a positive trend towards improved labor relations within the company.


Adam Carlisle, Vice President of Labor Relations at Southwest Airlines, expressed his gratitude for the work from both negotiating committees throughout this process and the guidance from National Mediation Board federal mediators. He also stated that he is glad that their Flight Attendants will soon have an opportunity to vote on this agreement. This tentative agreement marks a significant step forward in Southwest Airlines' labor relations. It not only impacts the airline's nearly 19,000 flight attendants but also sets a precedent for future negotiations within the industry. As we await further details on the agreement and its implications, it is clear that this development is a positive move towards improved working conditions for flight attendants.

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