Lufthansa extends its flying stopover in Israel until October 22

Lufthansa, the German airline, has announced an extension of its suspension of flights to Israel until October 22 due to ongoing security concerns. This decision affects not only Lufthansa but also other airlines in the Lufthansa group, including Swiss, Austrian, and Brussels Airlines.


The Decision

The decision to extend the suspension comes amidst escalating tensions in the region. The safety of passengers and crew is a top priority for the Lufthansa group, and this measure is seen as a necessary response to ensure their well-being.

Impact on Passengers

The extended suspension of flights will undoubtedly affect passengers who have booked flights to or from Israel during this period. It is currently unclear how Lufthansa plans to accommodate these passengers.

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Repatriation Efforts

Despite the suspension, Lufthansa has been actively communicating with Germany's foreign office regarding possible additional flights to bring Germans home from Israel. The first four repatriation flights left for Tel Aviv on Thursday and four more are planned for Friday.

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Looking Ahead

While the suspension is in place, Lufthansa Airlines normally has 17 flights to Israel per day in their schedule. Most other airlines have also suspended connections to the country in response to attacks by the Islamist organization Hamas. The situation remains fluid, and Lufthansa will continue to monitor developments closely. The airline has expressed its commitment to resuming operations as quickly as possible but has not committed to a specific timeline. In conclusion, while this extended suspension presents challenges for both the airline and its passengers, it underscores the importance of safety in aviation. As we await further updates from Lufthansa, passengers are advised to stay in touch with the airline for the latest information.

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