JetBlue Airbus A321 Tips on its Tail at New York JFK

A JetBlue Airbus A321 tipped on its tail at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. The aircraft, registered as N959JB, had just arrived from Bridgetown, Barbados, operating flight B6662.

The Incident

The tipping occurred during the deplaning process when the aircraft was parked at the gate. As passengers and cargo were being removed, the aircraft tipped on its tail. The incident was captured in videos shared on social media. Passenger Sinead Bovell, who was aboard the flight, recounted the terrifying ordeal on TikTok. She described how the plane abruptly tipped backward so quickly and intensely that the tail of the plane hit the pavement of the jet bridge and part of the plane door broke.


The Aftermath

JetBlue officials stated that no one was injured during the incident. They explained that the tipping occurred "due to a shift in weight and balance during deplaning". The aircraft has been taken out of service for inspection.

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Passenger Experience

Bovell shared footage of a crew member directing passengers to move toward the middle of the airplane to rebalance the plane. Passengers were instructed to exit the plane two rows at a time to prevent further tipping.

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Looking Forward

JetBlue is currently investigating the incident. It remains to be seen how this event will impact future operations and procedures. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of weight and balance in aviation safety.

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