FedEx Boeing 757F overruns runway following emergency landing

On October 5, 2023, a FedEx Boeing 757F freighter overran the runway at Chattanooga Airport in Tennessee following an emergency landing. The aircraft was operating a cargo flight from Chattanooga to Memphis International Airport when it reported landing gear failure. The crew declared an emergency and diverted back to Chattanooga.


The aircraft landed safely on the runway, but it overran the end and came to a stop in the grass. All three crew members on board were evacuated safely and there were no injuries reported. The incident is currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).


The FedEx Boeing 757F is a twin-engine, narrow-body cargo aircraft that is used to transport freight around the world. The aircraft is known for its reliability and efficiency, and it is a popular choice for cargo airlines. However, the incident at Chattanooga Airport is a reminder that even the most reliable aircraft can experience problems. It is important for pilots to be well-trained and prepared to handle emergencies, and it is also important for airlines to have well-maintained aircraft.


The incident at Chattanooga Airport is also a reminder of the importance of runway overrun areas. Runway overrun areas are areas of soft ground that are designed to stop aircraft that overrunning the runway. The runway overrun area at Chattanooga Airport played a role in preventing the FedEx Boeing 757F from suffering more serious damage. The investigation into the incident at Chattanooga Airport is ongoing, but it is likely that the findings of the investigation will lead to recommendations to improve safety procedures and aircraft maintenance practices. In the meantime, the incident is a reminder that even the most routine flights can carry risks. It is important for passengers and crew to be aware of the risks and to be prepared for emergencies.

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