Brazil's Embraer Soars High: Backlog Hits $17.8 Billion with Sky West's Order of 19 E175 Jets

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has announced that its firm order backlog has reached a staggering $17.8 billion at the end of the third quarter. This milestone includes a newly announced order by SkyWest for 19 of its E175 jets. Embraer's backlog saw an increase of $500 million from the previous quarter. The company delivered 43 aircraft in the third quarter, compared to 33 in the same period last year, bringing the total to 105 aircraft delivered year-to-date.


Earlier on Thursday, Embraer revealed that SkyWest had placed an order for 19 of its E175 jets, valued at $1.1 billion. The deliveries are expected to commence in the final quarter of 2024. These new aircraft will be operated by United Airlines under a capacity purchase agreement (CPA). The presence of uncertified parts within advanced jet engines has been a long-standing issue in the aviation industry. However, Embraer's recent success indicates a positive trend toward overcoming these challenges.

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While international flights have been slower to bounce back due to the ongoing pandemic, they are gradually gaining momentum. Over the forthcoming five months, there will be 16,680 weekly flights, with passenger flights projected to attain 71% of the total from four years ago. Flight frequencies to and from 22 countries, including Britain and Italy, are approaching or have surpassed pre-pandemic levels. For the winter and spring seasons, the number of weekly direct passenger flights between China and the United States is anticipated to rise from 48 to 70.


Embraer's recent achievements and future plans reflect its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With less than 1% of the CFM56 fleet affected by uncertified parts, Embraer's CEO assured analysts that this would have an "absolutely minimal" effect on its aftermarket operations. The aviation industry continues to navigate through challenging times. However, companies like Embraer are demonstrating resilience and adaptability, setting new benchmarks in their pursuit of excellence.

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