The expense of decarbonization should not be borne by the consumer, easyjet CEO said

According to easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren, decarbonization efforts in the aviation industry will be costly, but this expense should not be passed on to consumers. Sustainable aviation fuels are not yet produced at scale and cost three to five times more than regular jet fuel. 


Lundgren stated that EasyJet's objective is to ensure that consumers do not bear the brunt of these costs and that various stakeholders, including governments, should contribute to keeping decarbonization costs low. 

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It remains unclear whether there will be a period of higher prices due to sustainability expenses, and airlines have a vested interest in keeping flights affordable. Lundgren believes that the speed of innovation will affect the cost of decarbonization, and he is hopeful that new technology will mitigate price increases. 

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He stated that new technology has several benefits, including reduced fuel consumption, and that the transition to more sustainable aviation practices may not be as costly as some have predicted.

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