INCIDENT | Delta Air Lines Divert Back Due To Passenger With Diarrhea

A Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Barcelona was forced to turn around on Friday night after a passenger had diarrhea. The Airbus A350 had just taken off when the pilot received a report of a biohazard incident in the cabin. The flight was diverted back to Atlanta, where it landed safely.


The passenger who had diarrhea was taken off the plane and transported to a medical facility. The other passengers were rebooked on a later flight to Barcelona. The incident is a reminder of the importance of being prepared for unexpected events when flying. Passengers should always pack a change of clothes and other essentials in case of a delay or cancellation. They should also be aware of the airline's policy on biohazard incidents.

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In this case, Delta Air Lines said that it is "committed to providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for all of our customers." The company said that it is "working with the appropriate authorities to investigate the incident." This is not the first time that a flight has been forced to turn around due to a passenger's diarrhea. In 2019, a United Airlines flight from Chicago to London was diverted back to Chicago after a passenger had diarrhea in the aisle. And in 2020, a Southwest Airlines flight from Denver to Orlando was diverted back to Denver after a passenger had diarrhea in the lavatory.

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These incidents can be embarrassing and disruptive for passengers, but they are important to report to the airline so that the affected areas can be cleaned and disinfected. Airlines have strict policies in place to prevent the spread of germs, and they will take steps to ensure the safety of all passengers. If you are ever on a flight and a passenger has diarrhea, it is important to stay calm and follow the instructions of the crew. The crew will take steps to clean and disinfect the affected areas, and they will work to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

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