Akasa Air Files Legal Action Against Pilots for Unexpected Departure

Akasa Air, an Indian airline, has taken legal action against 43 pilots who abruptly left the company without serving their notice period. The airline has described the actions of these pilots as both "unethical and selfish".

The Legal Battle

The legal action was initiated after the pilots left the airline to join other carriers without serving their contractual notice period. Legal papers were filed with the Bombay High Court, stating that the pilots should be barred from joining any other organization until the six-month notice period is served, as stated in their contracts.


Impact on Operations

The sudden departure of these pilots led to the cancellation of multiple flights, causing significant inconvenience to passengers. This not only resulted in reputational damage for Akasa Air but also led to financial losses. The airline is seeking damages for $2.9 million (Rs 22 crore).


Akasa Air's Statement

In a statement, an Akasa Air spokesperson said, "We have sought legal remedy only against a small set of pilots who abandoned their duties and left without serving their mandatory contractual notice period. This was not only in violation of their contract but also the country’s civil aviation regulation". The spokesperson further added, "Not only is this illegal in law but also an unethical and selfish act that disrupted flights in August, forcing last-minute cancellations that stranded thousands of customers causing significant inconvenience to the traveling public".

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This incident highlights the challenges faced by airlines when pilots leave abruptly without serving their notice period. It underscores the importance of adhering to contractual obligations and the potential legal consequences of not doing so. As this case unfolds, it will be interesting to see how it impacts the aviation industry and employment contracts within it.

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