Iraqi Airways To Receive Two More 737 MAX 8s


About fifty minutes ago, two Iraqi Airways Boeing 737 MAX 8 (Reg. YI-ASY and YI-ASZ) took off from Payne Field Airport in Everett, Washington (north of Seattle) in two delivery flights. The two flights are heading towards Reykjavik Airport in Iceland in a one-stop for the flight crew to rest and refuel the two aircraft before heading to their new home in Bagdad. 


Late last March, the Middle Eastern Airline received three Boeing 737 MAX 8 in a trio delivery flight. Later in June, Iraqi Airways received its first out of ten Boeing 787 Dreamliner. So far, Iraqi Airways has received five Boeing 737 MAX 8 (including the two on the way), and still have more of this variant in order plus ten of the larger variant Boeing 737 MAX 10 in Boeing's logbook.

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Iraqi Airways has been keen to renew its fleet and has been progressively doing so. The airline has inducted eight new-generation airliners in the past sixteen months, including the MAX and the Airbus A220-300. The delivery of two Boeing MAX 8s to Iraqi Airways confirms that the airline is slowly but progressively renewing its fleet.

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