Alaska Airlines To Cut More Than 3000 Flights Starting 2024

Alaska Airlines has recently announced that it will be cutting more than 3,000 flights from its schedule in January 2024. This means that almost half a million seats will be removed from the airline's network. The data shows that the airline will be reducing several services to airports all over North America. The most significant reduction of services will be seen between Paine Field and San Francisco, which will result in 72 fewer weekly services, removing over 5,400 seats from the airline's network. The most significant loss of seat numbers will occur between Seattle Tacoma and Sacramento Airport, where a reduction of 48 weekly services will result in over 12,700 seats being removed from Alaska's books.


Alaska Airlines is reducing flights to centers that have been underperforming, with the aim to cut up to 6-7 flights a day. The airline will be reduced up to 48 weekly services between several centers, including Los Angeles to Las Vegas, San Francisco to New York JFK and Spokane, Seattle to Atlanta, Eugene, New York JFK, Oakland, Portland, and Sacramento. This reduction in services means that almost 140,000 weekly seats will be lost for the airline and the cities it serves.


The airline's Los Angeles to Washington Dulles service will be losing over 30 services per week, which is a significant reduction. Heading to the Great North, the Anchorage to King Salmon route is also losing 34 services each course, resulting in almost 10,000 seats being removed.

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This announcement comes after Alaska Air Group reported a profit of $240 million for Q2 in 2023, which is the highest quarterly profit recorded in its history. Although the company reported a profit of $387 million, which is an improvement from last year, this news may come as a surprise to some travelers.

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