Air India Reveals An Eye-Catching New Brand And Livery

Air India has recently launched a rebrand, marking a significant change in the airline's history. After being privatized by the Tata Group in early 2021, Air India aimed to reshape the carrier as a premium airline. The airline has unveiled its new livery and logo, featuring deep red, aubergine, and gold colors. 


The 'Air India Sans' font and 'The Vista' logo are used to modernize the look, retaining the color palette but modernizing the appearance. The new logo is a mix of old and new, retaining the color palette but modernizing the looks. The traditional 'jharokha' design on all windows of the current aircraft is redrawn for the new Vista logo. 


The rebrand will be carried by Air India as it prepares to receive the first of its 470 aircraft on order. The airline stated that the new design captures the essence of a bold new India, marking a milestone in the transformation of the national Indian institution into a national Indian and global inspiration. Air India's aircraft will now carry its name in the new font along the side of the fuselage and on the belly, with the Hindi translation removed and belly paint added. 

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The tail, however, is the most eye-catching, featuring a mixture of golden window edge, iconic red, and purple from Vistara. The rest of the plane will also use this color scheme, with red wingtips and gold accents on the belly. Air India will roll out the livery in December, featuring it on its inaugural Airbus A350 aircraft. While many will miss the Maharaja and its history in Indian aviation, the new brand identity will hopefully stand for the world-class airline India deserves and needs for the future.

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