Rough Landing For Emirates A380 At Birmingham, Fire Service Was Alerted

Fire crews at Birmingham Airport, UK, assisted an Emirates Airbus A380 after smoke appeared to cover the runway and undercarriage during landing. The flight from Dubai Airport to Birmingham on July 4, 2023, was a "rough landing" with smoke covering the runway and undercarriage. 


The aircraft had a problem with its brakes, but the passengers were safe. A passenger on the plane reported that the aircraft halted and fire crews approached. The passengers were instructed to stay on board for over an hour, and the aircraft appeared to wobble from side to side.


Emirates confirmed that the aircraft was returned to service after inspections were completed. However, the following flight from Birmingham to Dubai departed after a two-hour delay. Emirates apologized for any inconvenience and emphasized the safety of passengers and crew. Emirates redeployed A380 to Birmingham on July, 1st.

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