Iraq Said To Acquire Chinese-Pakistani JF-17 Thunder Jets

Iraq is reportedly in talks to acquire 12 JF-17 Thunder fighter jets from China and Pakistan. The deal, which is still in the early stages of negotiations, could be worth up to $600 million. The JF-17 Thunder is a multi-role fighter jet that was jointly developed by China and Pakistan. It is a lightweight aircraft that is designed for air-to-air combat and ground attack missions. The JF-17 has been exported to several countries, including Myanmar, Nigeria, and the Philippines.


Iraq's interest in the JF-17 comes as it seeks to modernize its air force. The country's current fleet of fighter jets is aging and in need of replacement. The JF-17 would be a relatively affordable option for Iraq, and it would provide the country with a capable fighter jet that can be used to deter threats from neighboring countries.


The deal for the JF-17s is also seen as a sign of growing cooperation between Iraq and China. The two countries have been working to strengthen their ties in recent years, and the fighter jet deal would be a major boost to their defense relationship.

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If the deal goes through, it would make Iraq the fifth country to operate the JF-17 Thunder. The aircraft has been well-received by its operators, and it is seen as a reliable and capable fighter jet. The acquisition of the JF-17s would be a significant upgrade for Iraq's air force, and it would help to boost the country's defense capabilities.

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