Dublin Airport air bridge collapses, causing American Airlines Dreamliner door to fall

An air bridge collapsed at Dublin Airport on Sunday, July 9th, morning, causing damage to an American Airlines aircraft. The incident occurred at Terminal 2, where the air bridge was connecting to an American Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was preparing to depart for Philadelphia. The air bridge collapsed onto the left side of the aircraft, causing the second door from the front to fall off. There were no reports of any injuries to passengers or crew. The aircraft was evacuated and the passengers were transferred to another aircraft.

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The cause of the air bridge collapse is not yet known. The airport's operator, daa, said that it is investigating the incident. The collapse of the air bridge is the latest in a series of incidents at Dublin Airport in recent months. 


In May, a passenger was injured after falling from a moving walkway. In June, a fire broke out in a terminal building. The airport has been struggling to cope with a surge in passenger numbers in recent months. The daa has said that it is recruiting additional staff to help manage the increased demand.

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The collapse of the air bridge is a reminder of the importance of safety at airports. It is also a reminder that even the most routine operations can sometimes go wrong.

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