Qantas: Airbus A321XLR delivery delayed to December 2024

The Australian carrier Qantas announced that the airline will not receive its first Airbus A321XLR but only in December of 2024, with a six-month delay from the pre-decided date, the usual industry delay is 12 months, said Vanessa Hudson, the Chief Financial Officer who is named to be the next CEO


The comments from the Australian carrier, which is in the midst of a large fleet renewal, came on the fringes of global airline gathering where carriers increased pressure on manufacturers to acquire control of weak supply chains. The A321XLR is a long-range single-aisle jet that will enter service in the second quarter of 2024. 

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Airbus declined to comment on individual deliveries, but a top official said on Sunday that the company was seeing a more predictable pattern in its industrial activities and the beginning of a more favorable trend. Airbus is expected to disclose May deliveries on Wednesday. According to industry sources, Airbus deliveries increased 34% to 63 planes in May compared to the same month in 2022, bringing the year total to 244. 


Airbus expects to deliver 720 aircraft this year. Based on media reports, Airbus delivered at least 60 planes in May. Airbus declined to comment on unreleased information.

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