Indian Carrier Akasa Air Hikes Pilot Salary Amid Airlines Competing for Experienced Pilots

Akasa Air, a low-cost Indian airline, has increased the salaries of its pilots by up to 40%. The new salary structure will come into effect in July and will see senior first officers get ₹340,000 ($4,146) and senior captains ₹625,000 ($7,622) as starting monthly salaries. Currently, their salaries stand at ₹275,000 ($3,353) and ₹575,000 ($7,012), respectively.

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The salary hike is likely an attempt by Akasa Air to retain its pilots, as competition for experienced cockpit crew is heating up among Indian airlines. Other Indian airlines, such as IndiGo, Air India, and SpiceJet, have all revised their pilot salaries in recent months.

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The salary hike is also a sign of the improving financial health of Indian airlines. As travel resumes post-COVID and airlines return to profitability, they are able to afford to pay their pilots more.


The salary hike could also have a knock-on effect on other industries, as airlines compete for experienced pilots. Carriers in the Middle East, which often look towards India for experienced crew, may also need to increase their salaries in order to attract and retain pilots. Overall, the salary hike at Akasa Air is a sign of the improving health of the Indian aviation industry and the increasing competition for experienced pilots.

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