Garuda Indonesia partners with GE Aerospace for engine restoration

GE Aerospace and Garuda Indonesia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen their strategic cooperation. The MoU will cover training and skills development, lease engine support, and overhaul services for Garuda Indonesia's fleet of GE and CFM engines.

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The MoU is a significant step for both companies. For GE, it is an opportunity to deepen its relationship with Garuda Indonesia, one of its long-standing customers. For Garuda Indonesia, it is a chance to improve the efficiency and reliability of its fleet, which will help the airline to grow its business.


The MoU will also support Garuda Indonesia's efforts to improve its service quality. Under the terms of the MoU, Garuda Indonesia engineers will receive training from GE Aerospace experts on aircraft engines and maintenance. This training will help Garuda Indonesia to improve its ability to keep its fleet airworthy and to provide a safe and comfortable flight experience for its customers.


The MoU is a win-win for both companies. GE Aerospace will strengthen its relationship with a key customer, and Garuda Indonesia will improve the efficiency and reliability of its fleet. This will benefit both companies and will help to support the growth of the Indonesian aviation industry.

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