12 Qatari Mirage 2000-5 fighters will be handed over to Indonesia

There has lately been media coverage of the transfer of 12 Mirage 2000-5 aircraft from Qatar to Indonesia. According to Israel Defense, this trade, which was approved by French authorities, contains numerous prominent people who played critical roles in brokering the deal. Defense Conseil International (DCI), a private French-owned corporation established in Qatar, supervised the transfer of the Qatari fleet's Mirage fighter planes. They prepared the aircraft for transit, guaranteeing a flawless logistical operation. The shipment itself was done with Antonov 124 cargo planes.

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E-Systems Solutions, a Dubai-based corporation founded by a French businessman and former French Air Force commander named Habib Boukharouba, was instrumental in shaping the Qatar-Indonesia agreement. Following his retirement from the military, Boukharouba developed a profitable firm in Dubai that specialized in the sale and rental of cargo jets. Over the last decade, the firm has worked throughout the Gulf nations and Africa, gaining substantial industry expertise.


Prabowo Subiano, Habib Boukharouba's business partner, adds experience in electronic warfare to the table. He maintains tight ties with the Indonesian administration, which contributes to the seamless coordination essential for the deal's effective execution. Excalibur International, a Czech corporation recognized for trade and export, handled the financial components of the deal discreetly. While their involvement is kept private, they played a critical role in completing the transaction.


The decision to buy the Mirage fighter jets from Qatar was motivated by Indonesia's need to close the operational gap left by their fleet's aged Su-27 and Su-30 fighter aircraft. Despite the fact that the Indonesian Air Force initially expressed no interest in the Qatari fighter planes, the discussions conducted by Prabowo Subiano resulted in the decision to pursue the transaction.

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