USMC CH-53Es carried out VERTREP with USS Maine in the Philippine Sea

US Marines from the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing recently executed a critical vertical replenishment (VERTREP) mission with the US Navy's ballistic missile submarine, USS Maine, in an astounding demonstration of precision and collaboration. The mission, which took place in the Philippine Sea on May 9, emphasizes the Marine Corps' critical role in supporting naval operations and bolstering regional security.


Two CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters from the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing's HMH-462 ferried mission-critical equipment to the Ohio-class submarine. Vertical replenishments, such as this one, allow naval vessels to receive critical materials quickly without disrupting ongoing maritime security operations.


This successful operation demonstrates the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing's unwavering commitment and agility. "1st MAW's persistent and forward presence makes it the backbone of the Stand-in-Force's expeditionary capability," said US Marine Corps Col. Christopher Murray, commanding commander of Marine Aircraft Group - 36. "The intricacies of seamlessly sustaining the force through naval integration and aviation-delivered logistics are testaments to our adaptability, readiness, and ability to project power within the Indo-Pacific."


"Rotary-wing vertical replenishment such as this allows us to quickly resupply so that we can constantly maintain pressure against any adversary who would wish to do harm to the homeland," said Cmdr. Travis L. Wood, commanding officer of the USS Maine. The perfect synchronization of the US Navy's ballistic missile submarine force and the III Marine Expeditionary Force is critical in completing their task while maintaining their continuous presence in the area.

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