The UAE has cancelled a €800 million military helicopter deal with Airbus.

The UAE has terminated a nearly €800 million contract to procure 12 H225 Caracal multirole helicopters from French aircraft giant Airbus due to the high lifecycle cost, limitations in adapting to modular designs of future mission requirements, and the complex technical proposal. The Tawazun Council is the UAE's independent government entity that works closely with the Ministry of Defense and security agencies. 


Abushehab said the cancellation was not a political one, but based entirely on financial and technical reasons. Airbus lacked the serious motivation to respond to the government's demands and failed to achieve in-country value goals. The UAE ordered 12 H225M Caracal helicopters during the French president's visit in December 2021 for an estimated price of €750-€800 million.


The H225M is the military version of the H225 and can be mounted with different sets of weaponry, from machine guns to rockets to anti-ship missiles. The Tawazun Council's role in the defense sector includes managing governmental defense and security research and development activities, including dual-use applications, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense. The main R&D goal is to support acquisition operations, generate intellectual property and product lines, and nurture national talents. 


The Tawazun Council has signed contracts with major defense contractors to codevelop in its labs in the UAE and has signed contracts with major defense contractors to codevelop in its labs in the UAE.

Reported by Aero-News Journal

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