BREAKING | Asiana Airlines Passenger Opens Emergency Exit During Landing

On May 26, 2023, an Asiana Airlines passenger opened an emergency exit during the landing of a flight from Seoul to Daegu, South Korea. The plane landed safely, but several people were injured by the wind that rushed into the cabin.

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The passenger, who has not been identified, was sitting in an emergency exit row. He or she reportedly pulled the lever to open the door shortly before the plane touched down. The door swung open, and strong winds rushed into the cabin. Several passengers were hit by the wind and suffered minor injuries.


The plane was able to land safely, and all passengers were evacuated. The passenger who opened the door was arrested and charged with endangering the safety of the flight. This incident is a reminder of the importance of following safety procedures when flying. Passengers should never open emergency exits unless there is an emergency. Doing so can put themselves and others at risk.

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In addition to the passenger who was arrested, the airline is also facing scrutiny for its handling of the incident. Some passengers have complained that the flight crew did not take immediate action to close the door and secure the cabin. The airline has said that it is investigating the incident and will take appropriate action. This incident is a serious reminder of the importance of safety in aviation.

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