The Launch of wireless in-flight entertainment by Bhutan Airlines


On its two Airbus A319 aircraft, Bhutan Airlines is introducing wireless in-flight entertainment. All flights now allow passengers to use their own Wi-Fi-capable mobile devices to watch Hollywood and independent films, TV shows, documentaries, a moving flight map, and a variety of music and magazines. AirFi, a Dutch travel technology firm that assists airlines and rail companies in providing customers with digital entertainment and shopping, developed the in-flight streaming system. According to early passenger feedback, the air map (moving map) has surpassed all other components of the in-flight entertainment system in popularity. Bhutan Airlines will have adaptable, customized options available when it is ready to increase ancillary revenue from onboard sales or add new features to the IFE offering. Bhutan Airlines has two A319 aircraft, each with 114 seats in economy class and 12 in business class.

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