INCIDENT | A Topless passenger tries to storm cockpit and bites a flight attendant

An angry female passenger told the terrified passengers they would all die as she undressed, asked to smoke, and “tried to break into the cockpit” aboard a plane.

On an Aeroflot flight in Russia, Anzhelika Moskvitina, 49, allegedly bit a male flight crew who attempted to detain her. It is said that when she locked herself in the bathroom and lit a cigarette, the drama began.

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The crew had to seek the assistance of the business class passengers to detain her as they ordered her to put her bra back on and, at the captain’s command, placed her in plastic handcuffs.

While the plane was in turbulence, the woman got up from her seat to smoke in the bathroom.

She allegedly covered her chest and yelled at other passengers that they were all doomed, according to witnesses.

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She also sought to force her way into the cockpit.

A video captured the woman, who was allegedly intoxicated, arguing with the flight crew as they sought to pacify her.

‘Lady, take a seat and get dressed,’ she was ordered by the crew.

‘Where are your clothes?’

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She was asked: ‘Do you understand you’re violating the behavior rules on the plane?

‘There are children here. Respect them at least.’

She replied: ‘I respect children. What’s more, I love children. I understand I’ll go to the mental hospital or prison. But I want to go to the cockpit.’

She was told her demand was ‘senseless’.

As the crew sought to make her dress, she replied: ‘Please go away from me. Kill me here, but I will smoke.’

She was urged to ‘calm down’, but repeated to the crew to ‘leave me alone’ and ‘let me go’.

When the aircraft landed at Moscow’s airport, she was eventually restrained by police and a doctor on board kept an eye on her.

According to the airline, the woman had been in “an inadequate state” and had “grossly violated the rules of conduct on board the plane.”

She attempted to enter the cockpit despite numerous crew members’ warnings to stop.

The flight commander opted to deploy a kind of restraint on the passenger as a result of her abusive behavior.

‘Aeroflot emphasizes that this case again proves the urgent need at the legislative level to toughen punishment for air rowdies, including creating a single blacklist of destructive passengers for all airlines.’

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