Ill pilot stuck in toilet causes easyjet flight to do emergency landing

An easyJet plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport as the pilot was being ill in the toilet.

EasyJet flight U26938 was reportedly forced to request an expedited landing this morning, with passengers claiming the pilot went into the toilet sick and didn’t come out.

EasyJet flight U26938 was approaching the airport in the early hours of this morning (June 12), flying from Heraklion in Greece to the Scottish capital.

The pilot declared an emergency on approach, requesting an expedited landing, with the first officer taking control of the plane at around 1.20am.

The pilot was seen entering the plane’s toilet and did not come out until it had landed, according to passengers.

“The plane was met on the runway by five fire engines and two ambulances and after landing.

“The very young looking co-pilot announced on the tannoy that the emergency response was due to the captain taking ill.”

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