INCIDENT | Near Miss at Mumbai Airport Sparks Safety Concerns

A close call between an IndiGo and an Air India flight at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport on June 8th, 2024, has raised serious questions about air traffic control procedures and potential safety lapses. Both aircraft, Airbus A320neos, were involved in the incident that unfolded on runway 27.


According to reports, an IndiGo flight (6E 6053) arriving from Indore was granted landing clearance by Air Traffic Control (ATC). The IndiGo pilot, following instructions, continued the approach for landing. However, social media footage captured the alarming situation as an Air India A320neo took off from the same runway while the IndiGo aircraft was still coming into land. Thankfully, the Air India flight achieved takeoff clearance in time, and both planes landed safely.


While a major accident was averted, the incident has sent shivers down the spines of aviation experts and passengers alike. The close proximity of the two planes during critical phases of flight – landing and takeoff – is a cause for serious concern. IndiGo, in a statement, emphasized that they prioritize passenger safety and reported the incident as per protocol. However, the airline has not disclosed details about how close the two planes actually came to each other.

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This incident highlights the potential dangers of runway incursions, which occur when an unauthorized aircraft, vehicle, or person is on the runway.  While investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of this near miss, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust air traffic control procedures and strict adherence to them by pilots. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is likely to investigate the incident thoroughly to identify any lapses in protocol or communication. This investigation will be crucial to ensure that such close calls don't turn into catastrophic accidents in the future. 

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