US FAA Launches Probe into Boeing 787 Inspections

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced an investigation into Boeing on May 6, 2024, following revelations that the plane manufacturer may not have completed crucial inspections on some 787 Dreamliner jets. This latest probe adds to Boeing's ongoing struggles after a separate incident involving a 737 MAX earlier this year. The FAA's investigation centers on inspections designed to verify proper bonding and grounding where the wings meet the fuselage on certain Dreamliner models. 


According to the FAA, Boeing itself informed them in April about potential shortcomings in these inspections. The probe aims to determine if the inspections were indeed bypassed and whether Boeing employees falsified aircraft records to cover it up. Boeing reportedly acknowledged the issue in an internal email from Scott Stocker, who leads the 787 program. The email, sent to employees at the South Carolina assembly plant, stated that a company employee raised concerns about irregularities in a conformance test. 

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The email went on to reveal that an investigation confirmed violations of company policy, with some employees failing to perform the required tests but recording them as completed. While the FAA prioritizes uncovering the truth behind these potential lapses, Boeing has already taken steps to address the situation. The company is currently re-inspecting all 787 Dreamliners still on the production line. Additionally, they are required to develop a plan to address the safety of the Dreamliners already in operation with airlines around the world.


The FAA emphasized its commitment to public safety throughout the investigation. They have assured the public that they will take any necessary action based on their findings. The outcome of the probe could have significant repercussions for Boeing, including potential fines and stricter FAA oversight. This incident also raises concerns about Boeing's internal quality control procedures and could further erode public trust in the company's manufacturing practices.

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