INCIDENT | Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-71 Encounters Engine Trouble, Diverts to Tokyo Haneda

On May 11th, a Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350-900 with registration number 9M-MAD was en route from Tokyo Narita in Japan to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on flight MH-71 when it encountered a technical issue with its left-hand Trent XWB engine. At the time of the incident, the aircraft was cruising at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet over the East China Sea, covering a distance of around 730 nautical miles southwest of Tokyo.


As a result of the engine issue, the flight crew decided to turn back and divert to Tokyo Haneda Airport. The plane descended to a safe altitude of 23,000 feet before landing safely on Haneda's runway 34L after about two hours of the diversion. However, the flight had to be canceled due to the incident.

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There are conflicting reports on the cause of the diversion. Malaysia Airlines attributed it to a "technical problem with one of the engine instruments," while Japan's Ministry of Transport stated that the diversion occurred due to a complete engine failure.

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After the landing, Tokyo Haneda's runway 34L was closed for about an hour to allow for inspections and to ensure there were no leaks from the aircraft. As of now, almost 49 hours after landing, the plane is still in Tokyo and hasn't resumed its flights yet.

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