INCIDENT | IT Outage Sparks Chaos at Major UK Airports

On Wednesday, there was a nationwide IT glitch that caused chaos at major UK airports. The Border Force system, which is a critical part of the immigration process, was crippled due to the outage, leading to significant delays and long queues for arriving passengers. This left many travelers frustrated and waiting for hours to clear immigration.


The technical issues affected airports across the country, including London Heathrow, Manchester, Stansted, Gatwick, and Edinburgh. Passengers faced long lines as the automated e-gates, which rely on the Border Force system for verification, malfunctioned. As a result, border officials had to resort to manual checks, which significantly slowed down the processing of incoming travelers.

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The exact cause of the IT glitch is still unclear, and authorities are working tirelessly to resolve the issue. However, there is no official timeline for when the system will be fully functional again. This has caused considerable uncertainty and frustration for travelers arriving in the UK. The disruption comes at a particularly busy time for air travel, as the summer season is approaching, and passenger numbers are increasing. Airlines have urged passengers to check with them directly for any potential delays or cancellations caused by the ongoing border issues.

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The UK Border Force has not yet commented on the potential impact of the IT glitch on passenger wait times or airport operations. However, social media has been flooded with complaints from travelers stuck in lengthy queues, highlighting the significant inconvenience caused by the outage. The situation is being closely monitored, and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

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