Garuda Indonesia Boeing 747 Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Fire During Takeoff

A Garuda Indonesia flight carrying 450 pilgrims on their way to Madinah, Saudi Arabia, was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff from Makassar, Indonesia. The incident, which unfolded on Wednesday, May 15th, involved a Terra Avia Boeing 747-400 registered ER-BOS performing flight GA-1105.


While initiating takeoff from Makassar's runway 21, a loud bang and streaks of flames erupted from the aircraft's number four engine, located on the outboard right wing and identified as a Pratt & Whitney PW4056. Despite the dramatic situation, the pilots displayed remarkable composure and continued the takeoff procedure.

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Demonstrating their training and skill, the crew climbed the aircraft to a safe altitude before initiating a return to Makassar. The pilots successfully landed the Boeing 747 back at the airport, ensuring the safety of all 450 passengers and crew on board. This incident serves as a reminder of the critical role pilots play in ensuring passenger safety during emergencies. 

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Their quick decision-making and adherence to safety protocols undoubtedly prevented a potentially catastrophic event. While the exact cause of the engine fire remains under investigation, the incident has garnered significant attention. Authorities will likely conduct a thorough inspection of the aircraft to determine the cause of the malfunction and ensure the airworthiness of the Boeing 747 before it returns to service.

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