Delta Flight DL67 Diverts to Paris Due to Medical Emergency

A Delta flight from Rome to Atlanta (DL67) experienced a scare on Thursday, April 11th, when the crew declared a medical emergency and diverted to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG).


The Airbus A330-900, carrying a potential maximum of 281 passengers, departed Rome on schedule at 12:16 CEST. While cruising at 33,000 feet over western France, the situation changed course. The flight crew issued a squawk 7700, the universal signal for a general emergency.

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Due to the medical situation on board, the pilots made the decision to divert the flight to Paris CDG. The Airbus A330 began its descent and prepared for landing at the French capital's main airport. Air traffic control in Paris facilitated a smooth approach, and DL67 landed safely on runway 27L.


After taxiing to Terminal 2, medical assistance was likely met by the plane, and any passenger requiring attention could receive it. The flight eventually continued its journey to Atlanta, albeit with a delay of approximately 3 hours.

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