Airbus Soars in First Quarter with 12% Increase in Jet Deliveries and Strong Order Book

Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturer, reported a positive start to 2024 with a 12% increase in jet deliveries for the first quarter. This marks a significant achievement for the company, solidifying its lead over its American competitor, Boeing, which delivered only 83 commercial airplanes during the same period. Airbus delivered a total of 142 aircraft in the first three months, confirming an earlier report by Reuters. This performance indicates a strong ramp-up in production for Airbus, potentially signaling a recovery in the aviation industry after pandemic-related disruptions. 


The details of the deliveries were not specified, but the news highlights Airbus's continued focus on meeting its production targets. Furthermore, Airbus secured a net total of 170 new orders in the first quarter, with no cancellations reported. This positive sales momentum is accentuated by a significant order for 33 wide-body planes from Korean Air. While an additional order from Japan Airlines announced on the same day in March, wasn't reflected in the first-quarter figures, it suggests continued strong customer confidence in Airbus products.

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The news of Airbus's performance is likely to be well-received by investors. The company's ability to deliver on production targets and secure new orders indicates a healthy business outlook. This positive performance comes amidst ongoing competition with Boeing, which has faced its own set of challenges in recent years.


Airbus's strong first quarter is a promising sign for the commercial aviation industry. As the industry recovers from the pandemic, Airbus seems well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for passenger and cargo air travel. The company's focus on innovation and efficiency, coupled with its healthy order book, suggests that it can maintain its leadership position in the global aerospace market.

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